The main difference has to be the number of tools attached. Weight. It replaces the Wingman’s scissors with a saw and its box cutter with a small serrated blade. Leatherman Sidekick Vs Comparable tools. The Wave weighs just under 9 oz. Leatherman Sidekick or Ganzo 301 or other multi tool? I, like powernoodle own around 20 Leatherman's(and they are my favorite multi-tool), but I could tell that these were too "cheaply" made for me. Though they cost more or less the same the Wingman is slightly cheaper than the Wave. Basically need knife serated knife bottle opener wire cutter corkscrew bottle opener ... wingman vs sidekick…Gotta have to check wave’s price. I just dont see a benefit vs the replaceable or interchangeable tools on other comparable models. Leatherman has practically designed Sidekick, so you can open the knife blade using just one hand, with the help of elongated thumb-hole. I saw the Wingman and Sidekick for sale last weekend at the local Scheel's Sporting Goods store. That is so they can be readily available for action, whenever needed. They were in a clam pack and I could tell they weren't for me. Go with the Blast. However in no way can this compete with the charge or wave. As it has been said the wingman and sidekick are not in the same league. Entry level multi tools have long been one of the most crowded categories of the multi tool market. The Leatherman Wave has 17 tools while the Wingman has only 14. The Sidekick does more closely match the usability of the Rebar but overall still falls short. The retractable, sharp-edged knife blade and a saw blade are built right into the outer case of Leatherman Sidekick. 5 years ago. The tools are "heritage" style, subtle improvements though can be seen vs the sidekick or wingman tools. Skeletool VS wingman VS sidekick. Over all it feels well built and the quality is there. I think Leatherman will Find they are making a mistake retiring the Blast, Fuse, and Kick in favor of the Sidekick and Wingman. The wingman pair are cheap and flimsy in comparison. The included tools just aren’t as useful as those on the Rebar. There are literally dozens of branded and generic tools competing at this price point, our Leatherman Sidekick review gives you a comparison with some of the closest in quality and price. making it relatively lighter than its counterpart. When it comes to Multi-Tools, Leatherman is the brand of choice amongst many EDC fans. The Leatherman Wingman continues to be the favorite because of its pocket-sized form factor and ability to handle pretty much anything you may throw at it. A great choice for first-time users, the original Portland, Oregon multi-tool manufacturer is making you your very own Sidekick. The Leatherman Sidekick is another version of the basic Wingman design. Just buy a Charge, a Wave, a Sidekick, a Skeletool, and a Surge. Which one of the 2 or any other recommendation? while the Wingman weighs 7 oz. Sidekick Vs Wingman This handy pocket-sized tool has all the features you need to get your project done, at a fraction of the cost. skeletool 21 vote(s) 60.0% wingman 9 vote(s) 25.7% sidekick 3 vote(s) 8.6% Other (at similar price point and size) 2 vote(s) 5.7% TOPOS Loaded Pockets. the wingman pair are certainly not what you would expect out of Leatherman. Price. Sidekick is the most I can stretch it with shipping from ebay. Length Rebar Vs Sidekick.