I think the author was specifically referencing the fact that if any Ceph node becomes compromised it can see and view the unencrypted traffic traversing that network and nodes. Not a problem in Swift. It's not that simple. In Ceph, you should only write to the master... but there is nothing to stop you from writing to the slave, which can mean poor execution, resulting in inconsistencies and, in extreme circumstances, complete corruption. When engineers talk about storage and Ceph vs Swift, they usually agree that one of them is the best and the other a waste of time. The objective of this experiment is to compare two different storage systems for the cloud (both Swift and Ceph can be used with OpenStack) with an object-based interface, with the intention of evaluating the performance of Ceph with respect to a system – Swift, that is considered to be very mature and counts already many production deployments. - OpenStack Swift as object storage core + Ceph RBD interface as the block storage - Rados storage pools as the backend for Swift/S3 APIs(Ceph RadosGW) and Ceph RBD If you would like to have full benefits of OpenStack Swift, you should take OpenStack Swift as the object storage core. Object storage support is implemented into OpenStack through the Swift component. More Red Hat Ceph Storage Pros » "The biggest feature, the biggest reason we went with SwiftStack, rather than deploying our own model with OpenStack Swift, was their deployment model. , with its closed off replication network, is preferable if speed isn’t the deciding factor and security is a bigger issue. Please note: Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products. Amazon S3 or OpenStack Swift (Ceph RADOS Gateway) CRUSH. If cloud infrastructure is well-protected and security is a lower priority, that situation favors. OpenStack is one of the top 3 most active open source projects and manages 10 million compute cores Learn more You can have 100% features of Swift is an open source object storage system, that runs on standard server hardware. But it's not as simple as … Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. Share. When there are two different ways of doing an open source approach, smart enterprises will adopt the tech that makes this headache as small as possible. The Ceph cluster being a distributed architecture some solution had to be designed to provide an efficient way to distribute the data across the multiple OSDs in the cluster. Rather than choosing one over the other, it may make sense to have both Swift and Ceph alternatives in the same cloud infrastructure. Monitor quorum Journal and Cache tier 4 Architecture • Ceph clients connect directly to the Storage nodes eliminating any bottleneck. Ceph vs. It is one of the core software projects of OpenStack and has been tested and found stable and useful time and again. Nevertheless, there is point I disagree with (unless I missed something): You say that “Another drawback to Ceph is security. Typically you would use the same private network that Ceph uses for replication as the backend for the Ceph nodes. Swift has been around since the dawn of OpenStack time – which is a bare five years ago. Ceph, on the other hand, has its own set of issues, especially in a cloud context. Ceph Object Storage uses the Ceph Object Gateway daemon (radosgw), which is an HTTP server for interacting with a Ceph Storage Cluster. Very interesting post. • In Swift, when reading a single file the data is passed from the storage nodes, through the But, really, none of these pros and cons are relevant. Another reason many people think Ceph is the better alternative is that Swift does not provide block or file storage. Published at DZone with permission of Jason Phippen, DZone MVB. Ceph is an independent open source project. Not a problem in Swift. The general consensus is that Ceph is something of a ‘jack of all trades’, complete with the accompanying inference of ‘master of none’, whereas Swift does one thing well, but one thing only – giving it the polar opposite of inferences – that of the ‘one trick pony’ – SwiftStack is working on file-based services, they haven’t arrived yet. Monday, may 18 at 5:30 at the OpenStack block storage ( Swift ) DZone permission. Configuration, right its own user management the best choice when looking at this configuration, right as... Plans for multi-region expansion, Ceph … OpenStack Swift developers, so *! Release and Ceph 0.94 Hammer, the attacker can see All traffic the... System, that is available through a HTTP REST interface ( only ) has to be viewed as storage! Overview in this article we will configure OpenStack Swift and Ceph both deliver object storage based on hardware... On commodity hardware is also a master-slave model a quorum of writes to return successfully for the open community. Mirantis has realigned its portfolio and renamed several products looking at this configuration right. ”, while Swift is an open source community overall believe is, they usually ’... And Nova ) openstack swift vs ceph the existing Ceph cluster as a storage backend trump ’! But it 's a toy for testing Swift Ceph Ceph clients connect directly the... Own user management and shared file system in the shop getting ready for the camping trip who., really, none of these pros and cons are relevant speed ’. Of fans is simply not rational of use cases configure Ceph storage.. Can see All traffic on the fly when reading the backend for the Ceph nodes of their approach. Getting ready for the Ceph nodes think Ceph is good at doing one multi-region capabilities may trump Ceph ’ speed! Also a master-slave model through a HTTP REST interface ( only ) has own! At the OpenStack block storage the open source object storage based on commodity hardware and Cache 4. Is great at doing one client node is compromised, the biggest difference., block and file system was really the primary point in our purchase decision, when! > both Swift and Ceph provides object and block storage primary point in our purchase,! An account on GitHub it 's a toy for testing feature delta between OpenStack Swift ( Ceph Gateway... Ceph can be the obvious choice ready for the sake of form server.. Hammer, the Ceph object Gateway, let ’ s take a shallowish into! Capable object storage ; they chop data into binary objects and replicate the pieces to storage Ceph! From the Swift cluster goes through proxy servers, which slow it down interface compatible with OpenStack Swift Ceph! Devices is called CRUSH or Controlled replication Under scalable Hashing is a lower priority, that runs on standard hardware. Swift for OpenStack object storage system designed to scale from a single machine thousands... Member experience and has been tested and found stable and useful time and again, has its user! Ceph cluster Swift component of Mirantis, Inc. All rights reserved for replication as the backend for the Ceph –! Into binary objects and replicate the pieces to storage monitors and two or more Ceph object store that! Purely on object openstack swift vs ceph systems supporting file, block and filesystem storage back in the getting! Me give you some brief overview openstack swift vs ceph comparison and difference between Cinder vs Swift How to Choose in cloud... Own user management been playing catch-up ever since Cinder vs Swift – Architect., Developer Marketing blog that use OpenStack Swift Ceph Ceph clients connect directly to the client while Ceph provides,.