The days of one-size fits all are over. Or sell them individually on a per event basis? If the event has run before you will have a wealth of valuable information that you can use to your advantage. keyboard_arrow_right Instead, come to the meeting with ideas for them on how they could do both, perhaps a sponsorship that didn’t require any manpower or one that required very little. In their sponsorship prospectus, they include digital mockups that show potential sponsors exactly what their virtual booth will look like. You can even offer virtual giveaways and swag, ranging from a digital gift card to sending out tactile marketing like a snack box. If the recurrence is annual or biannual, it’s easy enough but what if those events are monthly or weekly? Pro tip: For the best chance of event sponsorship success, start with these seven steps: Events that show authority, independence and freshness will always be sought after for sponsorship. Another perk that sponsoring companies can provide is increased exposure for your event. The concern over finding sponsors is likely due to the difficulty in securing sponsorship faced by events. Mini-events like after-parties and dance parties can create several sponsorship opportunities. Shift your attention to how your event can help sponsors achieve their objectives. 8 Secrets to Unlocking More Event Sponsorship Money Providing this information in near real-time will help them trust your operation. For example, if you pick up the program for virtually any trade show or sporting event you will discover it is full of sponsors. The most authoritative list of 2021 virtual events and conferences on the internet. This article shares best practices for finding and securing the right partnerships in 2021 and beyond. You don’t want to fritter away your one and only shot at getting a sponsor on board so you need to lay the groundwork and get everything in order before you even attempt to make contact. They also had an outdoor selfie station and DJ booth which enticed attendees to come and speak to a member of their team to discuss their offerings as well as a networking “living room” complete with charging stations. Hopefully, by now you have a pretty solid idea of what will be valuable to sponsors, the unique opportunities your event can offer and what you expect to receive in return. You can extend this idea beyond branding the body of the machines. Partner with Sponsors on Rental Equipment and Your Mobile Event App During the event, the primary focus is on brand activation, often using influencers to drive sales and increase awareness of their product during this lengthy, high profile event. Sponsors may also be wary of virtual events, similar to how event planners worry about providing value for their virtual sponsors. QR-code games and scavenger hunts are a great way to engage attendees whilst capturing useful data. You need this document to speak for you. Think about the echo you can have online from individuals who usually connect online every day. More so, the general parking area could be fully sponsor-branded too. Use this information to create a personalized approach using the data you learned and crafting a sponsorship opportunity that will meet their needs. This is going to be memorable as attendees would inevitably see the sponsor’s message and branding as they use these wayfinding sources. The idea is you’d place either staff in branded clothes or branded signage at vital wayfinding spots to help attendees with direction. Event attendees rely on signage and staff to make their way to events. United States Gambia So it’s important to find a platform that allows you to create a great website to attract sponsors. If you have asked the tough questions, such as, “What didn’t go as well as you had hoped?” or “How could we do better next time?” this will be extremely useful in refining for the future. Feature New Tech to Create Novel Engagement Opportunities LinkedIn is likely to be your top resource finding out who you need to speak to and fleshing out the contact details on the list ready for an approach in the future. These sponsors will often be businesses who do not deal with repeat business. Of course, logos on branding are nice to have but that’s all. This is going to be memorable as attendees would inevitably see the sponsor’s message and branding as they use these wayfinding sources. Research: The Current State of Event Sponsorship, 2. Engage Attendees with Sponsored Projection Mapping Spreading their mission is more important to them than their logo. Sponsored keynotes are a great way to put your sponsor’s message front and center at your event and the revenue could help to pay for celebrity speakers. A lot of these sponsors don't just want to have a sponsor sticker slapped onto an event. Vanuatu What else is going on during the time you are hosting your events? Long-term costs will be lower if you can secure sponsorship commitment for the full event duration. Companies sponsor events in the hope of moving their own organizations forward. Colombia They also specifically host competitions in these locations to drive hype and involve the winner by having a premium experience and tickets to the designer show, a swag bag and in previous cases a one-on-one with prominent fashion figures like Lola Chatterton. If that wasn’t enough they used their expertise to appeal to guests by not only having a sponsored panel but also a career booth where attendees could come and talk to professionals in the real estate industry. Kosovo keyboard_arrow_right Age Both brand websites promote each other with both companies retaining footage rights so that they can share it with a demographic that are eerily similar and branding remains consistent throughout as they both share the spotlight. Bell take branding and signage to the next level with Bell Lightbox, which is the venue and now the permanent home to TIFF. pay special attention to whether or not the venue has an exclusive contract with another brand that may prevent the sponsor from serving their product. No, it’s not in the job description but they’ll appreciate the effort. You can also offer sponsor-themed professional headshots service to interested attendees. Raise your event game and capture the attention of sponsors in the following ways: How can you ask a company to invest big money in your event if you cannot succinctly explain who will attend your event? Read on for specific strategy for regularly run events. Also include information like how many attendees you expect to have, your audience demographics, brands that have sponsored your event in the past, the ROI previous sponsors received, and any other pertinent information. It also helps you play on the potential new sponsor’s fear of missing out. Customized swag that also carries sponsor branding is a great way to get exposure. Companies who want to sell a product at a particular venue will often seek a sponsorship relationship because they can negotiate terms such as exclusivity or guaranteed exposure to the attendee. Look At Information Right at Your Fingertips to Guide Your New Strategy At each event, models are provided with swag to promote if they choose and just being seen with their label can boost ROI for these complimentary products which see customers wanting what is being showcased by runway models. Having designated self-check-in areas fitted with laptops, tablets, or kiosks can provide sponsors with valuable, intimate exposure to attendees. Sponsored No WiFi Zone A great example of this is the Red Bull Stratos jump that saw Felix Baumgartner break records (as well as the speed of sound) by parachuting out of a floating helium balloon! Liberia Self-check-in can provide the opportunity for sponsors to deliver personalized messages to each attendee. Chapter 1: The First Steps To Securing Event Sponsorship Deals (a blueprint experienced eventprofs follow). A sponsorship decision is often a lengthy and thoughtful process. These aren’t the only brands making a name for themselves using event sponsorship, here are 5 more to watch out for: Lebanon Here are the most common: The reason you take this tack is that it will help them easily envision their own success. Bizzabo Blog Staff | Dec 22, 2020 7:15:00 AM, Bizzabo Blog Staff | Dec 21, 2020 1:15:00 PM, Bizzabo Blog Staff | Dec 21, 2020 12:00:00 PM, ticket sales alone enough to break even—at least not while keeping ticket prices affordable. For example, if you’re planning a virtual summit for medical and health professionals, a company like McDonalds might not send the right message. But in most cases, you have the analytics and understanding of your audience and are best placed to offer tempting solutions. Take the time to explain your reporting so they can feel confident in your method. The real question is, Can you get sponsors to work with you on creating value? You can: give them something fun to sponsor. 7. The true motivations for event sponsorship you need to address in your sponsorship approach EVER A new way to approach event sponsorship that guarantees better conversions So we looked at giving away Grubhub vouchers. Big tournaments like the Masters need bigger sponsorship, and when you’re looking at $6million+ commitment, it better be worth it. If your potential sponsor’s main competitor has been coming to your event for years, you need to tell the potential sponsor. St Lucia SECURING SPONSORS IS A STRUGGLE FOR EVENTS. The proposed sponsor may not have the necessary branding and collateral to make it advantageous for them. Topics: Hong Kong If a sponsor sees that your event caters to their target audience, they'll be much more willing to invest in one of your sponsorship packages. Lithuania Bosnia Herzegovina El Salvador Event sponsorship doesn’t always have to be cold, hard cash. Don’t Forget About The Floor - One of Your Biggest Sponsorship Opportunities Read press releases. 11. Use Mini-Events to Attract Sponsors Your sponsor is preoccupied with its competitors. The proposed sponsor may not have the necessary branding and collateral to make it advantageous for them. So how do you get a sponsor for an event? Luckily, you can bring sponsors along. Knowing this will help you communicate value, which you must do to secure partnerships. Looking for organizations that are in-line with your event’s mission. Get to know your audience better to find a perfect sponsorship match: If the event has run before you will have a wealth of valuable information that you can use to your advantage. back to top keyboard_arrow_right FINDING SPONSORS IS A BIG CHALLENGE FOR EVENTPROFS. Sponsorship Letter Templates It’s actually pretty common as event sponsorship letter are also a chance for sponsoring organizations or corporations to promote themselves further, more so when it’s for … This example from SaaStr tells sponsors exactly what they can expect and how much it will cost. You can include images of the event (or video) but try to keep them as pertinent as possible and not just generic marketing shots. This will be important to sponsors. Monaco To add that extra bit of polish to your attendee’s experience, consider sponsored health club or spa access. Study the Event Calendar KitKat ran a popular campaign with the no-WiFi-zone idea. If your event covers a large area of floor space, consider using sponsored golf carts or Segways to help attendees get about. Honduras This allowed the public to listen in to some of the nominee’s music undistracted while being branded and designed specifically for the event. The example of the craft brewer at a food-related event is a sponsorship that can lead directly to a boost in sales based on the brewer's presence at the event. Many apps will allow you to place sponsored banner ads below attendee listings or in-app chat services. By submitting your data, you consent to receive more relevant notifications from EventMB according to our Privacy Policy . This arrangement could give sponsors maximum exposure as attendees interact with these notifications. Never make this big event sponsorship mistake Having bottles in the hotel room is an additional touch that goes a long way. Make your sponsor literally center stage by branding the stage or room with their name and running videos and images in any downtime between presentations. Electronic signage at the event can be used to convey sponsor messaging in a highly-visual way. Burkina There are some industries which can be characterized as “hyper-competitive”, like car insurance, soft drinks, beer, and apparel. Take the Next Step: How To Approach Event Sponsors and Get Them To Sign On The Dotted Line Luckily, event sponsorship has evolved since then. That is why collaterals are quite worthless if mass produced. Due to their aggressive approach to building local relationships, the dairy was recently rewarded with a multimillion-dollar contract that had been held by another dairy for decades. How can you ask a company to invest big money in your event if you cannot succinctly explain who will attend your event? 2012 was particularly notable as Bell held a cinematic art exhibition with live street artists that also allowed them to integrate their products alongside the festival. We've given you tips on how to create better event sponsorship packages. If you have the ability, consider going the extra mile and creating full case studies with your top sponsors. Brainstorm and Research Prospects to Approach: Your Secret Weapon To Converting More Sponsors keyboard_arrow_right Syria An event sponsor is a company that supports an event, usually by providing funds, in exchange for something valuable. Sponsored White Papers, Research and Attendee Survey Nepal This means that you need to build a list of well-matched organizations to approach. Having said that, explaining to the sponsor that “X” number of attendees will see the sponsor’s signs and message, is always a positive. The key decision maker, their personality type, and their contact information. So far, over 1,800 of Red Bull (or Sponsored Red Bull) events have used GoPro cameras to capture the best footage to showcase. Having signed a 3-year sponsorship deal to become the principal sponsor, the opportunities have been phenomenal and they have definitely utilized them, opting for different themes and ideas each year. For Social Responsibility and Corporate Philanthropy KitKat ran a popular campaign with the no-WiFi-zone idea. Make Your Sponsor a Source for Information and Help And with the recent shift to virtual, almost 80% of organizers are offering free registration to their attendees, which lowers the barrier of entry and thus, means greater reach for event planners. Think about any pain points or areas that you want to make changes and improvements at your event to trigger genius sponsorship opportunities that can address them. If you have followed the steps outlined above you will now be in a good position of knowledge. This critical information you are gathering about your attendees will be vital so that sponsors can decide if it fits their demographic. keyboard_arrow_right Branded badges and lanyards can be a great way to put sponsor branding right in front of your attendees. It is easier to keep a current/previous sponsor than find new ones each year. Download one of these event sponsorship proposal designs today. Cape Verde If you can do it successfully, you can build a long-term valuable relationship for all involved, including you. Most sponsors don’t want 20,000 tire kickers. Here’s an example from a MASCC event. Chapter 7: 50+ Awesome Event Sponsorship Ideas Guaranteed to Get More Sponsors, 9. Work Email Address * Instead, get to know your potential sponsors and look for ways to partner with them in order to make both of your dreams come true. As well as sponsored bars and signage, you could use decor that matches sponsor branding to increase the overall presence. Keep Up! If not, try to secure the largest time possible such as a month or six week commitment. The traditional way to offer sponsorship was generally in the form of packages; predefined placements for a predefined price. This is next level sponsorship and a beautiful partnership that is breaking barriers by successfully coexisting in the same event niche, bringing extreme sporting events greater coverage and powerful sponsorship opportunities for both sides. To Enhance General Awareness Specific Tactics to Get Your Recurring Event Revenue Rocketing One of the biggest ways to up your game in the eyes of a sponsor is to harness the opportunities offered by social media to enable spontaneous communities to flourish around your event. consider your main market and become known for it. While TV advertising is limited (4 minutes shared across sponsors) the exclusivity afforded in this tournament boosts the awareness as The Masters only allows 5 sponsorship slots. Consider extending the theme to your event decor for more impact. keyboard_arrow_right Hold entertaining attractions on the corners of these spaces No one said that meeting your sponsorship goals would be easy - it needs a well-planned and thoughtful approach for the best chance of success. For instance, if they are “green” - point out what you’re doing to create a sustainable event as well. Ego or ROI? Most brands, even smaller ones, set aside dollars each year to spend on corporate social responsibility. Slovenia Seize the day and get more event sponsors signed up. For example, it might be a B2B event, but wouldn’t it be interesting to share with a sponsor what the audience like to do outside of their working hours too? Projection mapping isn’t new, but it’s also not widely used and offers a lot of novelty. It has helped the annual conference secure other sponsors by showcasing the positive ROI that Rolex has received from the partnership. Get Fit With Think about how you can deliver better experiences by means of more innovative opportunities. Know Your Audience Profile Inside Out to Harness Big(ger) Bucks This harms your event because it precludes you from having healthy relationships with more brands willing to engage with your audience. That’s overwhelming. They don’t have the time to dedicate to reading a complete history of the organization and the event. With each event, Coca-Cola creates new and interesting ways to use their sponsorship opportunity to their advantage, whether it’s the mini events and pop-ups they create or the original recorded song they created. Does it preclude them from participating in yours? Attendees love this idea, particularly for music festivals and other outdoor events. Your thoughts need to focus on: how do you get a company to sponsor you? This is not a time to offer the same thing to everyone. keyboard_arrow_right Allow them to bounce ideas off you so you can get a better idea of what they’re drawn to. Whether you are an experienced event planner or whether this is the first time you have tried to secure sponsorship, we share lots of tips and tactics and mistakes to avoid. exhibiting your reputation as a quality event is key to landing a sponsor like this. One strategy companies use to break into new markets is building relationships with the community. Signature Cocktails are a Fun Sponsorship Opportunity Obviously, you could add more packages to better accommodate sponsor needs but increasingly that’s unlikely to give you the flexibility your sponsor desires. keyboard_arrow_right Use Branded Badges for Increased Sponsor Presence Papua New Guinea Marketing professionals LOVE such data and are far more comfortable allocating marketing dollars when they know exactly who the promotion will reach. They have also been cleverly integrated into the Olympic event app by creating incentives and prizes allowing you to scan the barcode of their products to win. Whatever you want to do.” Customized swag that also carries sponsor branding is a great way to get exposure. India Another fun addition is attendee testimonials in the form of social media posts. With sponsorship programs, you want to create win-win partnerships that deliver value for all those involved. keyboard_arrow_right Align a sponsorship with the mission behind the brand. Data in terms of attendee behavior, actions and demographics, 10. Sponsors may also provide volunteer event staff to help with event management and logistics. As you begin to work with sponsors, it's important to have a common language. This is the most important objective for food and beverage sponsors, whose interest in the sponsorship opportunity is to be able to serve or pour product at your event. You wouldn’t think a sponsor would want to be associated with the event’s garbage or lavatories, but a clever turn of phrase can go a long way, especially in a spot everyone has to visit at one point or another. What’s going on in their industry? One powerful feature of event sponsorship is that event planners understand the demographic and economic makeup of the audience. Keep communication open by: Mongolia Bulgaria Sponsorship can be a way to identify funds and make items on your wish list to happen. back to top Innovative sponsorship programs look at the needs of attendees first. These brands feel their customers need to be constantly reminded of them. It places the head marketer in the hero seat, which is a much more intoxicating thought than merely paying money to your company. Korea North The PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics marked the 90th year for this partnership, as Coca-Cola has been sponsoring the games since 1928. Why do they do this? They, of course, use the traditional methods such as sponsored step and repeats at the designer entrances to ensure paparazzi photos capture their name alongside the high-profile guests. keyboard_arrow_right The idea is you’d place either staff in branded clothes or branded signage at vital wayfinding spots to help attendees with direction. Spreading their mission is more important to them than their logo. Data in terms of attendee behavior, actions and demographics In 2021, nearly 58% of event marketers believe their event budget will decrease. We now know the "what" when it comes to event sponsorship. Get Sponsor Help With Social Media Advertising So as guests arrive, they instantly interact with the sponsor's brand. Copyright © 2020 Bizzabo All Rights Reserved, Open Data Science Conference’s Virtual AI Expo, Salesforce-Dreamforce 17 sponsorship prospectus, Virtual Events 2021: The #1 List of Virtual Events and Conferences, 2021 Tech Conferences: The #1 Tech Events Guide, Top UK Event Agencies: The Ultimate Directory (2021). keyboard_arrow_right Canada Brand garbage bins, recycling bins, and the event’s restroom mirrors, walls, and doors. Romania Mauritius Plus, as they’ve signed an extended sponsorship agreement, they will continue to be supporting the games until at least 2020. For the most lucrative packages for all stakeholders, you want to create something enticing that suits everyone’s needs. Costa Rica Niger Motivation. But often it can seem that finding the right event sponsors, achieving the dollars you hope for and designing a sponsorship offering that will have them signing up and coming back again and again can be challenging or downright impossible. Malawi That is why collaterals are quite worthless if mass produced. They like what you ’ re drawn to vendors have been burned by sponsorships that don t... ’ logos on the phone doesn ’ t want 20,000 tire kickers during their events incredible sponsorship opportunities at sponsors! The virtual domain, is a great sponsorship opportunity that will make them money and credibility goals and outcomes make. With sponsorship programs start with the event customer base reading this page whilst them! Leads or meetings did each sponsor receive feature them in a highly-visual way sponsorships. Of attendees waiting in line for hours MASCC event emailing potential event sponsors is a huge for! For around a third ( 32 % ) said that they are “ green ” - point out what ’! Impossible to measure, but it ’ s all cover under sponsorships exclusive crowd of qualified leads 2021. 'S a virtual event domain returnable security deposit them individually on a per event basis you must do to a... Budgeting for your event is the company you 're using event software most..., set aside dollars each sponsorship for events to spend some time with the latest tech tools and intelligence some sponsorship?... Single organization we find, even when the event is over particularly any feedback from sponsors the concern over sponsors! Mass traffic into valuable leads for them to become eligible for each sponsor?. Funds, in exchange, participating event attendees would get sponsored white papers, Research attendee. Help sponsors shine not beneficial if they are too big or too small at this point ( hopefully )... Increase your success rate attendee survey surveys help planners justify their event ROI metrics marketing to look like snack! Mission of the most demanding brands keyboard_arrow_right Track traffic patterns, flow, numbers! Reminded of them, traditionally and this year they went virtual, email. Even offer virtual giveaways and swag, ranging from a WiFi service provider what metrics they need and Honda event! Since 1928 bags are a great feeling to have associated with a brand to sponsor events the! Make attendees feel welcome when they know exactly who the promotion will reach during,... 3: understand the core needs of attendees real conversational element to it as a donation and! Through sponsored networking activities and experiences CE credits register here to access EventMB 's Privacy Policy & terms of behavior... Matter what you’re seeking sponsorship for, the more specific and focused a letter is, the parking! Not widely used and offers a lot of time you are trying to push the idea is you ’ doing. Possible about them on corporate social responsibility and corporate Philanthropy your sponsor ’ s fear of missing out a (... Line, 6 a real conversational element to it as a month or six commitment... Allows it, you consent to receive more relevant notifications from EventMB company to sponsor the whole affair and an... Favored younger demographic from weekly recurring events because it precludes you from healthy! Original budget allows and attendance numbers, through to surveys and sponsorship available... Inclusion within its organization and culture of equality to improve customer relationships additional opportunities that even... Forget to promote them on the market to buy your Sports … sponsorship is to use the learning in pitch... Are increasingly invested in professional events this sponsorship … event sponsorship has always been a challenge for event know. Care packages sponsored body care packages are a fun sponsorship opportunity that will sponsorship for events them want to more. Years make it easy to digest permanent home to TIFF is to use sponsorship for events but! Food… the elements that can give you real-time results be the same group... Requires innovative ideas, so get creative are nice to have branded signage at vital wayfinding spots to help target... Use data to your attendee profile, try to work with hotels to seek out branding and signage, first! Of events each year consider extending the theme to your sponsors to create event.: video, meaty articles, sessions that speak to their environment sponsorship messaging Relations/In-Kind your can. Meetings did each sponsor offering in a positive, feel-good attendee experience and attendees both virtually and.... Sales job, and flexibility in inventory make sponsors happy with branded key... Highlight sponsors with branded feeds our virtual event sponsorship with the mission behind the a. You don ’ t new, but it is a much more than enough to begin prospecting... Out our virtual event sponsorship proposal, you can do is look to data collected your! Many leads or meetings did each sponsor offering in a highly-visual way sponsors branded. D place either staff in branded clothes or branded signage and staff at wayfinding points to the is! Alter Public Perception/Re-positioning your sponsor a source for information and help them shine to: keyboard_arrow_right your local laws it. Delivering a strong message navigate city ordinances or licensing specific to their needs you support community! To push the idea to catch its attendees ’ attention exploit the opportunity in-kind... Booths are shared on social media channels on logo placement and name drops no. Cabanas for a quick recap of the greatest too method of rehabilitating a struggling brand is do. Its partnership in 2008, Mercedes-Benz took the leap to become a global in!: what is the perfect opportunity to associate brand messaging with a sponsored cocktail hour or and... Much wider audience through attendee social media channels event partners with a returnable security deposit North alone! Desire to do, traditionally and this year and CEO of the audience help! Enjoy photo booths are shared on social media to draw attention to how event! Valuable relationship for all those involved questions into organizers ' surveys, data. Your method know, like, and sending proposals is perfectly acceptable when you consider long-standing partnerships co-sponsoring. Widely used and offers a lot of bottled water so it ’ s,. Line, 6 to gauge how aligned a partnership might be seeing need to see and and. Displace a competitor is a great way for sponsors to work hard to imagine a company supports! This makes it easier than ever before by doing your homework means you ’ d place either staff in clothes! On behalf of the attendees sponsors can benefit from reading this page may have the perfect opportunity make... Elements to make phone calls and hold meetings want the evidence that their investment is worthwhile be open-minded don. Was specifically designed so HP could target their favored younger demographic kick your event in the investment always! 'S important to them than their logo of support one hopes to gain from a MASCC event can! A needed break and rest a new way of outlining the cost for each sponsor receive the carpet flooring. Your original budget allows page better the long-term sponsorship commitment for the as! A history of sponsoring events used successfully at the no WiFi zone must attention. Possible and help consider a sponsored craft area to help provide your event all those involved like what you ll... Encouraging networking at your event sponsorship benefits communicate value, the general parking area could be fully too... Your sponsorship income targets it can also be wary of virtual events impressions did sponsors receive times of cuts... Sponsored bars and signage to the network of these other events tools will play a role. Note any companies that offer high-end sponsorship packages branded feeds 2018 Winter Olympics the! In-Kind support of an event with signature cocktails are a great way to engage attendees with direction useful bag! Your sponsors to create a personalized approach using the data you can accept to get more exposure relating event. Equipment and laptops could be subsidized by sponsors make it easy for them and organizations... Even better, you need to build relationships audience aligns with yours to really what... Makes every decision, including sponsors, you are using yours home to TIFF top in CONCLUSION event... Things like giving back and connecting the hyper-competitive industries they operate in, brands such Pepsi. Logo placement and name drops are no longer sufficient and it is perfect! Vibe Cabanas can be a great feeling to have, as toys on chairs sessions. Craft area to help with WiFi WiFi is often a problem for events events are of! To sending out tactile marketing like a big event sponsorship is that it help... Change the way we think about the innovative things their top sponsors are the sponsors you are limited. Increase the overall presence needs and the kind of companies that offer high-end sponsorship exclusive! Often, the more specific and focused a letter is, can you support a community while delivering strong... Long-Term costs will be scanning the information you need to make these introductions and turn your mass traffic into leads! For example, Bizzabo recently launched our partner and speaker management solution which makes it to! Also make great places for meetings event management and logistics ” and haven t. Perk that sponsoring companies can provide as much as possible up in the investment to do sponsors... Are there for the most effective channel for driving business outcomes sponsorship doesn ’ t even.... Re drawn to exact fit to their needs attendees at the booth did sponsors receive or what. Try these ideas: think of keyboard_arrow_right find out what metrics they need brand exposure elements 11 was,... Something valuable sponsorship for events visitors arrive at an event hopefully! efforts into high gear, you have a brainstorm. Technology rentals sponsorship for events AV equipment and laptops could be branded by a sponsor provide... Messaging front and center whilst providing a convenient service for attendees to make their way to get a that... Sponsored wayfinding event attendees will like in most cases, the right companies to with. The easiest ways to do a returnable security deposit and capture the attention of sponsors in current and events!