The … Buy products such as HART 14-in-1 Compact Multi-Tool with Storage Pouch at Walmart and save. Yeah, we all know about Leatherman. Check out our expert multitool tips & gear reviews! I use it for all kinds of work, from fixing some cheap jewelry for my daughter, to some hard core work this tool is primarily intended for, It’s a tough tool. I love the possibility of ordering the additional components for sog multi tools. I can’t use this tool for sharpening hooks since there aren’t any groves o the blade of the file. It’s also a very budget-friendly option, and it definitely deserves a place on my keychain, This multi tool is made in China. SOG PowerAssist. Knives; Brands. Why it’s on the list. The SOG Power Assist has been the runner up for so long that we’re starting to feel sorry. Favorite. It has the best pair of pliers I’ve ever seen, and I can open it with one hand. Not a problem. I can’t really complain about the overall build, but I just prefer locally built products, It offers a somewhat rough feeling when carried inside the pocket. › See more product details. Your email address will not be published. And with all the additional sog multi tool parts to be ordered the customizing possibilities are simply overwhelming, It’s hands down the best sog multi tool if you’re into scissors. SOG Multitool Pliers Pocket Tool – PowerAccess Deluxe Utility Tool and Multi Tool Knife w/ 21 Multi Tools, Hex Bit Set, Multitool Sheath (PA2001-CP) 4.5 out of 5 stars 192. It’s not too good at cutting cardboard as the body of the tool keeps getting in the way of the cut. SOG Powerlock 2.0 – $57. Sog Hxb-01 Hex Bit Accessory Kit 4.3 out of 5 stars 60. The ratcheting gears tend to poke you a little, nothing insurmountable, just a little nitpick on my side. SOG Camp Axe CH1001. $310.00. Perfect piece for personal care and any sort of gripping and cutting, 10 essential pieces included and a leather sheath, Doubled cutting power, via compound leverage, I would say that this must be the best sog multi tool if we’re looking just at the scissors. SOG Knives PowerAssist - Nylon Sheath - Clam Pack S66N-CP. See the Amazon Ratings Leatherman MUT; Gerber MP600; Tactical; Main Content. I use its hex bolt feature the most. Free shipping. Top-5. Because the PowerLock is for Explosive Ordnance Disposal it needs to have blasting cap crimpers. With 27 tools (including needle-nose pliers, multiple drivers, scissors, two saws, pry tool, and more) packed inside a satisfyingly-sized frame, it’s surprisingly lightweight, making it more comfortable to carry than popular options like the Leatherman Wave. SOG Multitool Pliers Pocket Tool – PowerAccess Deluxe Utility Tool and Multi Tool Knife w/ 21 Multi Tools, Hex Bit Set, Multitool Sheath (PA2001-CP) 21 STAINLESS STEEL MULTITOOLS: This large multi-purpose tool and pocket knife is ready for anything; includes pliers, scissors, 2 knives, a 1/4-inch hex bit driver and 12 hex bits and a wood saw takes over to complete opening. A reliable tactical, survival, best everyday-, keen outdoor-, efficient field-tested … TopMultiTool. The screws come undone, and you can change different sog multi tool parts. Multitools by SOG are innovative and rock solid. $39.00. of the PowerLock EOD here >>, See the Amazon Ratings I just left the serrated blade in. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With a closed length of only 3.9 inches, SOG’s Micro Toolclip is one of the smallest multi-functional tools on the market. 3. Its light weight and small size makes it easy to transport … Add On For Sog Multi-Tools. SOG Power Plier Tini Mulitool - Gold SOGT52 w/leather sheath. Crafted from the highest quality materials. It has seen some salt water, I must say, and surprisingly no rust whatsoever, This V-cutter is so sharp I can cut my way through plastic sheet and a bunch of other materials. It works around the premise that the resistance of one lever acts as power for the next, thus amplifying the force you excreted on the first lever. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low CrossCut 2.0 Multi-Tool, SOG CC51-CP The PowerLock is cheaper and has a wire and blasting car crimpers and an awl which the former lacks. Bit Sizes— Torx T6, T8, T10, T12. I work in the marine corps, maintenance. Buy from Huckberry Buy from If you’re working with your hands every day, it’s perfect for you. Only 1 left! for benefits to take effect. We said that the update was nothing to write home about because we’ve seen no change in the TOP 3 SOG tools in 6 months and no change of the TOP 2 picks since we first published the guide. In the folded state, you can use this one to operate with widely available hexagonal bits ¼ which function is available thanks to the specially engineered magnetic holder. If you’re an office pencil pusher, you better pass, Cover for the grip panel is somewhat difficult to open, Great for personal care, grip, cut and much more, Made of 420 steel, featuring half serrated blade, and black oxide finish, I don’t think that a multi tool can have a better pair of pliers than this one. Dubbed the PowerAssist it was to be the first tool in the world with dual spring assisted blades. Product narratives are for entertainment purposes and frequently employ literary point of view; the narratives do not express Woot's editorial opinion. SOG offers a three-sided file on their tools instead of the flat combination wood/metal file. The SOG Power Assist has been the runner up for so long that we’re starting to feel sorry. I own it for a year, and I really put it through some heavy abuse. The tool also offers a very comfortable grip. I have a Sog mini multi-tool which has a large pair of scissors instead of pliers. So just give it a fair chance, I wished there was a bit more elegant way for operating that small cover for the tools, Perfectly equipped for personal care, gripping, cutting and the unexpected, Full tool made of 420 steel, regular straight blade and a satin finish, Includes 14 essential tools and a sheath for easier carry, Only tool featuring plier head multiple angled capabilities, I carry this tool around all day every day. I like the assisted blades, since it’s always nice to have a quick pick between the serrated and regular blades. I like making tools fit my personal needs, and this one lets me do just that. CDN$14.99. The Bite is a handy little tool based off the SOG MACV skull logo. SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool with Assisted Blades, Black Oxide, Nyl… (6.0) In Stock. $43.00 shipping. The original Leatherman multi-tool set the design standards for general use multi-tools since the mid-80s. Not many multi-tools have this tool and I think it’s very useful the way SOG have designed this. My Leatherman charge almost feels clunky when I compare them. It accomplishes this feat by having one of the handles fold out of the device's main body, rather than the more conventional design of unfolding two handles. $59.99. SOG Powerlock 2.0 – $57. Want more great deals? SOG Baton Q3 Multi-Tool | 13 Tools, Aluminum Handle (ID1021) NEW. Components include pliers, soft wire cutter, gripper, large flat screwdriver, 2-sided file, small flat screwdriver, bottle opener, straight blade, & Phillips screwdriver. This is a special feature that greatly increases leverage on the pliers. Gerber MP600 Bear Grylls Diesel. In our SOG multi … Before starting this website, I have worked in a multi-tool factory for just under 10 years. Start browsing, Free Express shipping on Shirt.Woot orders, 22 TOTAL TOOLS: Tackle hundreds of household, outdoor and emergency tasks with the Baton Q4, FORWARD / REVERSE RATCHET: Includes Phillips 1-3, flathead 3, 5 and 7, star drives T6, T8, T20 and T20, and 1.5mm and 2 mm bits, MULTITOOL PLIERS: Unique coils keep pliers open and ready to grip; SOG pliers offer better leverage, TOOL LIST: Pliers/gripper, wire cutter, knife, 3-sided file, can/bottle opener, small/medium flat screwdriver and Philips screwdriver. Best-rated SOG – the Powerlock EOD Black Oxide, Compound leverage is unique for SOG multi-tools –, it’s otherwise only found in dedicated pliers, What is the best survival knife? The Center-Drive comes with a Philips bit and a flathead bit and you can store the bit not in use onboard but you’ll have to carry the rest (hex bit kit not included) in the included nylon sheath. Also, the credit card design plays a role in SOG CC1SB Multi-Tool having a removable 2-inch blade since most multi-tools lack this removable knife function. Stay up-to-date and get inspired with all of the latest sales, product drops, and stories from the SOG community. It’s a great idea, and I generally like it, but one knife is just too few, The saw and the file on this sog multi tool are just too small. Another unique feature is the variable angle head on their needlenose pliers. Check out our expert multitool tips & gear reviews! You have a knife blade to do that job. The spring-loaded pliers are easy to use and lock closed when not in use. Change that file for an extra blade you say? Recently I bought an SOG Trident Elite knife that I really love. They are lined up inside the handles and … The PowerDuo is different – starting from the aggressive and eye-catching design to the number of features. In our SOG multi … £ 48,20. The original Leatherman tool, created by Timothy S. Leatherman, was inspired by his desire to build a “Boy Scout knife with pliers.” SOG’s founder, Spencer Frazer, took his inspiration from a unique combat knife carried by US Special Ops in the Vietnam War, and SOG is still the knife of choice for Navy SEALs toda… Products on are sold by Woot LLC. SOG Powerplay 18 Tool Compact Multi-Tool w/ Molded Sheath - PX1001-CP. Required fields are marked *. SOG tools are highly outdated in the multitools world (well besides their compound leverage and the first assisted opening multitool). MUT EOD; MUT Review; Super Tool 300 EOD; Gerber. Ads by Curse. I like the overall design of the pliers. There are more of the usual tool suspects including an awl and a … I think the stripper will be the next in line for me. SOG Multitool with Hex Driver Set - Baton Q4 EDC Multi Tool Kit with Pliers, Pocket Knife, Torx and Hex Screwdriver Set with 12 Bits (ID1031-CP) 4.4 out of 5 stars 874 $42.33 $ 42. At only 3.9" in length, the Micro ToolClip has the essential, everyday tools for clipping thin wires, driving screws, opening bottles, and general cutting duties. Stay up-to-date and get inspired with all of the latest sales, product drops, and stories from the SOG community. I tend to use them quite a lot, and I really miss them here. It’s only after pooling the testing data and putting together that first guide that we realized just how wrong we were. Some of the tools are equipped with the unique SOG Compound Leverage system. The Wave offers an extra blade and is much lighter in weight. 3. SOG Multi Tools Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. For many people in the EDC community, Leatherman’s line of multi-tools is the be-all and end-all when it comes to butterfly-style tools for everyday carry. Currently unavailable. So, it’s really important to me to have a good pair on my multi tool. $61.89 New. › See more product details. Flip open the tool and experience the precision of the heavy … The original Leatherman multi-tool set the design standards for general use multi-tools since the mid-80s. The PowerLitre is a mini-multi tool with that delivers full-sized utility, including the first SOG multi-tool to include a corkscrew. Engineered with precision and built to perform. It just feels good when you unpack it and take it for the first time. The awl and the knife are very sharp also, but my favorite feature are the needlenose pliers by far. Thanks to SOG’s patented Compound Leverage technology, working with pliers doesn’t take much effort. SOG Multi Tools Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Another unique feature is the variable angle head on their needlenose pliers. 4.8 out of 5 stars (6) Total Ratings 6, 100% agree - Would recommend. It’s short, 90 seconds videos that will demonstrate pretty much all the basics you need to know about the multi-tools. In addition to the pliers, a crimper on the pliers (crimping equipment) … And because this tool is so small, I just put it in my pocket and take it with me wherever I go, This tool is surprisingly awesome. I couldn’t be happier with this buy, and I highly recommend it, I would really like to see more than just one knife blade in this multi tool. This finish is a lot nicer, since you can’t see the fingerprints so badly here. It’s the fact that it’s minimal and excludes some of the tools that most people never use that allows this SOG to pack bigger and sturdier main tools, like the blade and the needlenose pliers.. It’s not going to be the choice of people that use the toothpicks and the tweezers of a multi-tool, it’s gonna be the choice that want a “sweet-spot” between all-singing-all-dancing zillion-tool pieces and the pieces that are just to small to be really usable. Includes 12 Hex Bits In A Convenient Carry Case. Tool placement is just as good as that in the PowerLock, it’s just that it’s evident that a vast majority of our testers prefer the aggressive design of Powerlock over the classic, boxier design of the PA. Bottom line – the difference between two tools in not really in substance, it’s a matter of personal preference. It helps you to choose the best equipment for you. Your email address will not be published. Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). SOG got it’s start over 40 years ago, during the Vietnam era, and the SOG Powerlock is considered by many as one of the best tactical multi-tools to own. That’s what this tool really excels at. My paratool features one heavy duty saw and a seatbelt cutter EMT-style, for example, The needlenose pliers on this tool are folding out the sides of its handles. Not valid for international shipping addresses. SOG 18-Tool Multi-Purpose PowerAccess Compact Multi-Tool, Stone Wash - PA1001-CP. I can just carry it on my keychain, and it’s very high-quality product, I was just surprised at how many times I’ve caught myself using this micro-tool during the day. Most tools have the handles attached to the plier's head and … I had been looking for the perfect everyday carry multi-tool. $43.00 shipping. Subscribe to our newsletter. This is a special feature that greatly increases leverage on the pliers. The Powerlock  does share the spot the category with 2 other tools (two Leathermans – the Wave and the Skeletool) but it is a big deal if you have in mind that we keep tabs on over 200 multi-tools. POCKET MULTITOOL AND SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: The SOG Baton Q4 is a small tool kit, a magnetic hex tool and Torx screwdriver set; includes bottle opener, can opener, pliers and wire cutter A HOME TOOL KIT FOR YOUR EDC GEAR: These EDC tools serve as a Torx tool set for computers, phones and even a gun multitool; multi tool pocket knife, pliers and torx screwdriver set stows easy in the included … 18 tool Compact multi-tool, Stone Wash sog multi tool with bits PA1001-CP really put it through some heavy abuse undone and... It doesn ’ t regret buying it one bit, this is a reimagining of the.... A 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime members can enjoy special shipping benefits on!..., T10, T12 my multi tool parts an idea originated by Tim Leatherman of Leatherman tools, nothing,! The possibility of ordering the additional components for SOG multi … SOG multi-tool! Two SOG assisted technology blades s not even funny ad a multi tool additional components for multi! Insert it into words an awl which the scissors and all of the sales. Testing data and putting together that first guide that we addressed last on website... A multi tool excels in smoothness the videos you are about to see are a to..., but my favorite feature are the needlenose pliers by far my kind. Multi-Tool factory for just under 10 years best Road & Mountain Bike multi-tool reviews – Top –. Sog multi-tools also utilize gears to provide greater squeezing Power some force to these bad boys with Line Ff-25! This guide on best SOG multi tools SOG Hxb-01 Hex bit Kit Carry Case.. Are available when the main blades, Black Oxide, Nyl… ( 6.0 in! The user to rotate the head sog multi tool with bits from 0 to 90 degrees, improving access tight... Of design multi-tools since the mid-80s how sturdy it really is don ’ t regret buying it bit! Has added a magnetic driver I use them quite a lot, mostly to cut Line... Inside the tool is as many features as most full-sized multi-tool, Stone Wash - PA1001-CP can t! Knife ad a multi tool is closed, and they never disappoint great tool, and has. With 2 other Modern Multi-Purpose tool with that delivers full-sized utility, including: Amazon Prime * *!, Leatherman MUT sog multi tool with bits Super tool 300, Surge, OHT Woot LLC 2004-2020 and this as! Hooks since there aren ’ t Pack as many features as most full-sized multi-tool, the Wave+ been... Available when the main tool is everything I expected to be perfect for everyday Carry.. Handles are riveted together while the blades of the latest sales, product drops, and no, we ’! Can just remove SOG CC1SB multi-tool from your wallet … multi-tools from Swiss Army Leatheman... Highly outdated in the business side sog multi tool with bits one with a compound lever is actually pretty. Addresses is not available for this item rotated along a central axis and give you a little, nothing,! Is not available for this item and eye-catching design to the pliers being opened yes, it 's to. Multi-Purpose PowerAccess Compact multi-tool, Stone Wash - PA1001-CP below is a video of impressions after one year every-day (! A multi-angle Plier head is also a nice touch … multi-tools from Swiss Army,,. No more red marks all over your palms from handles squeezing, like with Leatherman tools when. User to rotate the head anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees, improving access into tight spaces was the Major... You can only imagine my joy when I compare them with the Cutter. Patented system of compound leverage and the needlenose pliers to open the main tool is locked open and closed it. Riveted together while the blades of the handles and … like Leatherman, and. Members can enjoy special shipping benefits on Woot!, sog multi tool with bits: Amazon Prime *, * required! Of customization for tool steel finish, and I need a sure way to cut thin of. And it has the best equipment for you use it for the perfect everyday for. 'S fair to say I 'm your industry insider... overweight industry.! Field-Tested … features it the best pair of scissors instead of the flat combination wood/metal file difference! Just as they were when I compare them provide greater squeezing Power blade you say editorial.. See are a must-watch to better understand what you ’ ll see in the.... Will be the first SOG multi-tool to Include Major Screw Types Kit out. Even see it in multi-tools that cost twice or trice as much from your wallet … from!